The Empire State Soul Club existed in New York City from 1987 until the
mid-1990's at various night clubs such as Tramps, North River Bar,
 Mudd Club and Danceteria.  They would spin mainly obscure 60's
 soul at their dances which went on monthly from place to place for
about 10 years.  They would typically take place on Thursday nights
 from 10 to 4 am.  DJ's including The Empress, W. Lee and
Jeff The Chef took turns doing 1 hour sets.  It was ESSC's championing
of semi-forgotten Stax recordings that helped inspire the 1991 9-CD box set
 "The Complete Stax / Volt Singles:  1959-1968" from Atlantic Records,
a Soul Shack favorite.  Steve Greenburg, the set's producer, was a club regular.

Here's a few old posters, clippings and photos from the club's history
courtesy of Soul Shack supporter and co-founder of the ESSC,
Brian "Weems" Williams.  

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